Cloud Services – IaaS, PaaS

Aarya Systems can help you build cloud services IaaS, PaaS utilizing most popular cloud providers in the market Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Cloud Hosted Server

With MS Azure and Amazon AWS you can host your servers and services on their secured cloud. You can move your existing environment to one of those cloud providers or have mix Hybrid cloud, where you have servers hosted on premises and in cloud, or want to utilize it as your backup and disaster recovery site for your in-house hosted virtual machines and data.

What can be done with cloud computing?

  • Host virtual server
    Run server and services, replicate data for your on premises server
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Compute on cloud servers
    Sync Shares, Storage
  • Run your workload in hybrid cloud environment
    Large web content, Database
  • Compute on cloud Remote Desktop Services platform
    Work from anywhere, applications hosting

We can help you build the cloud platform that your business requires. See the cloud hosted server and desktop cost analysis. Contact us for more information.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Cloud Hosted Email

Aarya Systems offers Hosted MS Exchange as part of its managed IT service to clients in NJ. Business with older versions of MS Exchange Server and POP email users will benefit from the enhanced features of Exchange.

    • Enhanced features of OWA (Outlook Web Access)
    • Access emails using web (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
    • Large mailbox
    • ActiveSync support for iPhone, Android devices