Proactive Monitoring

Critical Systems Proactive Monitoring

Small Medium businesses usually have limited staff and no IT department or personal that is trained to work on critical equipment such as servers, network devices, battery backups, software’s and patch management. With our proactive monitoring services of critical equipment we check and detect the problem while its on lower level and perform quick fix or alternate solution before it turns in to disaster.


A very critical equipment of any business.

In small and medium businesses usually there are 1-2 servers and they hold critical data such as spread sheets, documents, PDF files, databases, user information’s, ERP applications, and much more critical information. They need to be up and running 24×7 and making sure that there are no hardware degrades, virus, hacking, that’s causing slowness or failing the server.

Upgrades & updates on servers should be performed by certified technicians.

Yes, they do fail and they need to be monitored.

Disks drives on the server should always be in RAID configuration.


Very important and critical to any business because if you don’t have a proper backup and in an event of system failure it will leave you no data and to start over again.

Data loss can happen by various reasons:

  • Hardware failures
  • Accidental delete
  • Corrupted hard driver
  • Fire & Theft
  • Natural disasters

Data recovery can cost thousands and no guarantee.

UPS – Battery Backup

Provides power to critical systems such as servers so in an event of power outage your servers are not hard shutdown but gives you time to properly shut them down. It is very important that servers are not hard shutdown because data loss, hardware, and system failure can occur.


Software such as Virus scanners on servers should be monitored due to the amount of viruses spreading daily. Updates of virus scan software’s so it can detect new viruses. Windows updates – Critical, Security updates needs to be performed. Other 3rd party applications and server software’s needs same attention when it comes to upgrading and updating.